November 2018 The Heard Album Release

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Debut album The Island centers around "Haunted Island" (Bla Jungfrun) in the Baltic Sea where "mysterious and unexplainable situations seem to occur far too often," say the band members. Two of the band members have ties to the mysterious island and while discussing some of the bizarre events that take place, THE HEARD decided the story was too good and that they had to make it the main subject of their album. "It was very clear to us that this was too interesting of a concept to let go of and we soon discovered as we went along that the experiences that had actually occurred were being confused with the fiction we were writing around it all."

November 02, 2018 via Despotz Records

01 – The Island
02 – A Death Supreme
03 – Tower of Silence
04 - Sirens
05 - It
06 – Caller of the Storms
07 - Revenge Song
08 - Queen Scarlet
09 - Crystal Lake
10 – Leaving the Island